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About CMPC Solutions

Dale Overton ( Owner )

It all started when I found there were alot of people out there calling themselves everything from geek's to doctor's but in the end they are just someone going about everything the hard way and learning on your dime. At that point I thought someone needed to stop the madness and decided that I would go back to my roots and share my 15Yrs of commercial IT experience with residential customers.

Laptop / Desktop Repair and Upgrades / Setup

  • Professional fast repair done Onsite for your convenience.
  • Defective or Cracked LCD, Keyboard repair or replacement. ( Supply & Fitted )
  • Virus Spyware Removal, Slow speed issues, Blue screen's.
  • Drive cloning, Data backup and Recovery.
  • Networking & Security

  • Wired & Wireless Networking
  • Printer sharing, File sharing, Gaming console setup.
  • Router / Modem / Firewall Setups, VPN/VPN Tunnel Setups.
  • Internet, Email, Broadband, Skype, Video messaging.
  • Personalized software training & Setup

  • Camera / Camcorder / Phone ( ANY GADGET OUT THERE )
  • Software / Hardware
  • Mac / Windows ( All version )
  • Office / Quickbooks / Internet / Computer organization
  • Home Theater Setup

  • Harmony Remote setup
  • Standard TV/Video Setup
  • TV mounting
  • CCTV ( Home Monitoring )

  • CCTV Camera, Hardware and Accessories Sales
  • CCTV Cameras installation, Configuration and Remote access.
  • Secure your Home, Office, Shop with CCTV Cameras
  • We can install CCTV cameras in your home or office, shop and we can configure them to be viewed from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.
  • That means you can have peace of mind anytime!

    Free CCTV Consultation